Thanks for visiting my website.  If you don’t already know me, I’m a photographer and astronomer, based in the North Pennines.  

When I’m not taking photographs, observing the night sky, or spending time with my family, I teach photography.  You’ll find the current course line-up, under the ‘Training’ tab.

I’m a qualified teacher (Cert.Ed. & PGCE) with over 30 years’ experience in education.  I’ve also been taking photographs since I was five years old, so you could say I have some experience with that too.   

In addition to teaching, I’m a professional photographer, taking mostly night landscapes on commission, and selling fine art prints.  I used to shoot weddings and events regularly, but have stepped back from that now, to concentrate on my other work.

But enough about me.  You didn’t come here to read my C.V.  You want to know how I can help you become a better photographer.

It’s all in the way I teach.  I’ve honed a method over the years, which gets good results quickly

You’ll never see me using my own camera at a workshop.  I’m 100% there for you, and if I need to show you something, we’ll do it with your camera.

I also don’t get hung up on settings, and I would encourage you to be the same.  It’s very liberating.  There are usually multiple ways of taking the same shot, and most cameras have several ways of doing the same thing. 

Of course, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the technical side of photography.  We just don’t let that sort of thing get in the way of creating a beautiful image.

You also won’t see me starting a workshop or part of a workshop, by showing you an image I took, and asking you to make a carbon copy of it.  We start with ideas, especially your ideas about what you want to achieve, and I’ll help you see that through to taking your own photograph, in your own style.  I find that makes for more creative, free-thinking photographers.

We also use ‘manual everything’, including manual focus at night shoots, and manual flash on portrait workshops.  With my support, you’ll soon realise how much better your photographs are, than when you let your camera do most of the ‘thinking’.  It’s also just as easy to do as using aperture or shutter priority, once you get used to it.  Some say it’s even easier.

Finally, I welcome all experience levels.  Whatever your background, you’ll find you fit right in.  My classes are relaxed and friendly, but still purpose-driven enough to get you where you want to be, in less time than you may have expected.

I look forward to helping you, on your journey to becoming a better photographer.

(photo: Marie Dryden)

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