Illuminated Landscapes – God’s Bridge, Teesdale – Special Photography Workshop

Join me for a photography workshop, where you’ll learn to create unusual landscape images in the dark, using a variety of light sources including portable studio equipment.

The workshop will take place at God’s Bridge, by the River Greta in Teesdale.  God’s Bridge is an internationally-recognised SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), which features a natural limestone structure, formed by a process of cave development in the limestone beneath the river bed.  Natural England rate it as the best natural limestone bridge in the country.

On the night of the workshop, we’ll be aided by an almost Full Moon will help us capture soft, even light, across the entire landscape.  The studio lights will complement this, to create highlights on the most photogenic features. 

The photograph on this page is from Bollihope Quarry (credit: Kevan Hunt), but is a good illustration of the sort of thing we’ll be doing.

This event is suitable for absolute beginners, but also for experienced photographers who have yet to take the step into manual mode.  There’ll be plenty of opportunities to practice, under expert supervision.

You’ll need to provide your own camera, ideally a DSLR or CSC, although bridge cameras are also suitable.  You’ll also need a tripod and a torch.  The only torch you need to bring is one for finding your way around safely.  I’ll provide the professional lighting gear.  However, if you’d like advice on buying a torch, just message me.

Please note that in order to keep prices down, bookings are non-refundable if you’re unable to come (but it may possible to transfer it to someone else, upon request).

Joining instructions will be sent to everyone around two days before the event.  This gives me time to take account of any special factors, such as weather for outdoor courses.  Also, as you might appreciate, I don’t want to make those details available to the general public.

As of yet (I’m sorry to say!), I’m not able to control the weather, but will keep a close eye on the forecast.  If there’s anything which causes a significant safety issue, such as high winds or heavy snow, the workshop will be postponed and you’ll be offered a new date and/or alternatives. 

Click here to book your place.

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