Photographing the Surface of the Moon

Join me for the welcome return of one of 2019’s most popular workshops.  At this event, you’ll learn how to take shots of the Moon’s surface, through telescopes and long lenses.  If you have a long lens or telescope of your own, I’ll show you how to get the best results from it.

(Note: To get the best results, you’ll need a camera with a detachable lens, so that you can attach it direct to our telescopes and lenses.  However, it’s still possible to use a bridge camera, point and shoot, or even a smartphone, by shooting through a telescope eyepiece.  DSLR, Mirrorless, and Micro 4/3 owners will get the best variety of shots).

I currently have lens adapters for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.  If you have another brand of camera, message or email me and I’ll either tell you where to get the adapter or buy one to add to my kit, so you can use it on the night.

This workshop is timed around the First Quarter, which is the best phase for photographing the Moon.  There’ll be a good mixture of light and shadow, and it’ll also be quite high in the sky.

You’ll work in small groups, and everyone will get equal time on each lens and telescope.  At the start of the session, I’ll brief you on technique and how to get the best from the equipment.

In the event of an adverse weather forecast (snow, heavy rain, fog, heavy cloud), the event will be postponed and you’ll be able to transfer to another one for free.  This will be based on my decision, using all information available at the time.  I’ll make the call two days before, and will email you either way.

Numbers are restricted to 12 photographers, and movement will be controlled so that you get all the clear shots you need.  Once the tickets have gone, that’s it.  I can’t create any more places, because part of the benefit of such a small group is that you get maximum time with the equipment.

Your booking is non-refundable if you’re unable to come (but it may possible to transfer it to someone else, upon request).  

Joining instructions will be sent to everyone around two days before the event.  This gives me time to take account of any special factors, such as weather.

This is going to be a major new event in our night photography programme.

Hope you can make it!

Click here to book your place.

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