Sage Gateshead – Photography Workshop with Behind the Scenes Access

This is one of those locations I’ve been trying to get for a long time.  We’ve always spent time around the outside of the Sage on the Newcastle Quayside workshops, but have never been inside . . . and this time we’re going right inside, including the performance spaces and backstage area (e.g. green rooms & dressing rooms).

We’ll be given a guided tour, with plenty of time for photography.  After that, you’ll have free rein in the (indoor) concourse areas, and around the building exterior.

Only 15 photographers be allowed to attend, plus tutors/helpers.  Once the tickets have gone, that’s it.  I can’t create any more places, because part of the benefit of such a small group is the ability to make sure people aren’t wandering into your shots all the time 🙂

Much of the cost of this workshop will go towards booking the venue and processing the tickets, so I’d appreciate it if you could book and pay as early as possible.  For similar reasons, your booking is non-refundable if you’re unable to come (but it may possible to transfer it to someone else, upon request).

It’s taken a long time to arrange this one, so I’m not sure if and when it will happen again.  At present, there are no concerts or shows planned for the night of the workshop, and are unlikely to be because of the proximity of the date.  There’s always an outside chance it could happen though, in which case we’d need to be flexible about the precise locations we shoot in, or to consider a new date.  In the case of it being a new date that you can’t attend, you’ll be offered a place on another workshop or a workshop credit.

We’ve discussed this at length, and are working on the assumption we’ll pretty much have the building to ourselves.  I’m sure, like me, you feel this is a risk worth taking for such unfettered access to an iconic North East building.

Click here to book your place.

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